This event was originally organized by the Grand Ledge Jaycees. The Grand Ledge Shopping Tour Committee formed when the Jaycees liquidated. In 1987 a group of dedicated Grand Ledge residents picked up where the Jaycees left off, the Grand Ledge Shopping Tour Committee was formed. Several of original committee members continue to be active in the Grand Ledge Shopping Tour.

The Shopping Tour helps over 120 children every year. Grand Ledge District Elementary aged children, ages 5-12, are taken shopping for school clothing. The children also receive school supplies. This is made possible through the generosity of the Grand Ledge Community.

The Grand Ledge Shopping Tour Committee

Dave Sands, President   (517) 627-7974

Dave Jones, Vice President
Sueann Sands, Secretary

Thomas Weston, Treasurer

Sandy Sipes, Chairman

Directors: Bridget Lilly, Nancy Meddaugh, Heather Hufnagel, and Sandy Rogers

Fund Raising Efforts

Every September the call goes out for committee members to begin the process of making it possible for children in Grand Ledge to have a better school experience. Enabling them to have the clothing they need. The goal for the committee is that each child have at least $100. A total of at least $16,000 dollars is needed to be raised in the three months before the Shopping Tour event day, usually the second or third Wednesday of December.